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Common Surfaces Covered

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Transforming your concrete, asphalt, wood, and tile surfaces has never been simpler with our resurfacing solutions!


Pool Deck

Upgrade your pool deck with a safe, cool, slip-resistant rubber surface for a cooler and more refreshing summer.



Transform your outdoor space in a day with Rubber Stone or Sierra Stone. Great alternatives for an instant upgrade!


Porches & Stairs

Prevent slips and falls on steps and stairs with Rubber Stone, a non-slip alternative to wood, tile and concrete.



Looking for a better alternative to constantly cracked concrete driveways? Let Sierra Stone GTA Resurface it!



Resurface your slippery walking paths and sidewalks with Rubber Stone, the safer alternative Request a quote today!


Garage Floor

Is it time for that dream showroom floor? Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone can make it happen. Let's get started.

Over two decades ago, Dr. John T. McElveen founded Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic, PC, a private medical and surgical practice specializing in the diseases of the ear. As experts in Otology and Neurotology, our team focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the ear, its related skull base structures, and specific areas of the central nervous system. Both are highly specialized areas, requiring at least five years of residency training, in addition to completion of medical school and Otology and Neurotology fellowship training.