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Rubber Surfacing Maintenance

Sierra Stone GTA enables homeowners to save money by eliminating the hassles of constant concrete or asphalt maintenance. Our Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone solutions provide longer maintenance cycles of 4-5 years, compared to traditional concrete and asphalt surfaces needing upkeep every 3 years. Reclaim your weekends and enjoy your outdoor spaces without tedious maintenance tasks. Explore our detailed comparison of rubber and concrete resurfacing options.


Cleaning your Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone surfaces is effortless and can be done easily with a readily available pressure washer from a nearby home improvement store. Apply some soap and spray the surface for a straightforward cleaning routine. We recommend doing this once to twice a year depending on the amount of traffic the surface gets. This will ensure your Rubber Stone surface stays pristine throughout the year.


Maintaining a Rubber Stone surface requires less repair work than other surface options like concrete or asphalt because it is very durable and flexible. Both Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone are built to withstand wear and tear, even in harsh Canadian winters, without cracking. In the unlikely event of surface damage from a heavy impact, repairs are simple. With a trowel and sealant, you can effortlessly restore the surface to its original condition. If you prefer professional help, just give us a call, and we'll gladly handle the repairs for you.


Preserving the beauty of your Rubber Stone or Sierra Stone surface requires periodic re-sealing. On average, re-sealing every 4-5 years effectively shields the surface from the elements, ensuring it will continue to last for years to come. Applying the epoxy sealant is a straightforward process using a roller. The re-sealing frequency may vary based on usage and surface area. High-traffic areas like playgrounds may need resealing every 3-4 years, while less frequently used spaces like patios may require resealing every 5-6 years. By adhering to this maintenance routine, you can safeguard your investment.

DIY Maintenance

The best part about maintaining Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone is the simplified maintenance. With concrete, it's inevitable that it will be a costly maintenance and repair process, and this cost money. Most homeowners can easily handle the upkeep of a rubber surface, saving money over time. However, for a hands-off or time-constrained option, we offer a convenient maintenance plan. With this plan, we handle all the necessary maintenance, guaranteeing your surfaces remain in pristine condition without any effort required from you.